Case History

Far more than simple stories. Real successful cases of our customers.

illycaffè S.p.A.

The iconic white cup, conceived in 1991 by Francesco Illy and designed by the prestigious architect and designer Matteo Thun.

The round shaped handle is the distinctive feature that made this special cup unmistakable and unique.


Julius Meinl Austria G.m.b.H.

Julius Meinl espresso cup was designed by the Italian-Austrian designer Matteo Thun. The innovative design of the cup, inspired by Fez’s red symbol of the Company since 1862, helps coffee to enhance its aroma and delicate taste.

A classical cup shape re-created with a contemporary and modern design.


Valentino Caffè S.p.A.

In the most recent collection, Valentino Caffè has entrusted to the artist Marta Lagna, a calligraph of great sensitivity and experience, the task of “writing” its coffee cups.

She gave birth to these cups decorated with an elegant calligraphy delicate as art gestures. Narrative signs belonging to that imaginary story belonging to the gesture to pick up his hand and bring a cup of coffee to his mouth.